• Metal Cleaning Process

  • Using manual techniques such as torches, brushes, drills and sanders to clean and reclaim your parts and equipment is labor intensive, dangerous and will shorten the life of your parts. Chemical cleaning is expensive and harmful to the environment. Jackson Metal Cleaning offers a safe and economical solution to all your metal cleaning needs.

    Our thermal cleaning (burn-off) ovens will remove any combustible material by heating the substrate to a preset temperature in an oxygen-starved environment. The combustible material is reduced to fine, light ash and fumes. The fumes produced are vented through an afterburner chamber which raises the fume temperatures to 1400F and higher for a minimum of ½ second, incinerating the fumes completely. The resultant effluent discharged to the atmosphere consists of only harmless water vapor (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). 

    Jackson Metal Cleaing uses state of the art equipment with precise temperature control systems to ensure your parts are never at risk. We utilize several secondary cleaning methods depending on our customers needs. Contact us today to learn which methods are best for your industry parts.