• About Us

  • Jackson Metal Cleaning (JMC) specializes in paint stripping and polymer removal. We can remove any form of paint, powder coating, plastic, rubber, epoxy, resin and adhesives from virtually any metal substrate. Hydrocarbon-based materials such as grease, oil and lubricants can also be removed. Some of the parts and equipment we regularly service include:

    • Production paint and powder coat fixtures like hooks, racks, ground clips, load bars, bucks, grating, jigs, trees, etc..
    • Equipment used in polymer extrusion and injection molding (spinnerets, spin packs, breaker plates, extrusion screws, feed pipe, dies, molds, nozzles, manifolds and nearly any other hot runner system component). Your plastic or rubber to metal bonded parts can be cleaned and reused.
    • Reject parts, automotive parts, strainers, flanges, pipes, and other misc. equipment used in manufacturing. If it's metal, we can clean it.

    Jackson Metal Cleaning is proud to be women owned. Jean Cones acquired sole ownership of JMC in 2014 after managing the company for 10 years. Our team possesses an extensive amount of knowledge and experience, designing and manufacturing the very equipment we use and operate. Conveniently located near the junction of I-94 and US-27 (just one block off I-94) we are the premier metal cleaning option for manufacturers in Jackson, Lansing, Ann Arbor and Detroit.

    Parts and equipment cleaning, pickup and delivery, detailed metal fabrication for your parts baskets and racking systems. Our services are tailored to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can add value to your business.